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BBC Guilty Pleasures!

Rachel Koo

Last Monday we were delighted to feature in an episode of Food & Drink on BBC 2. The show was aired on Monday 28th July at 8.30pm and can still be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

In our ‘Guilty Pleasures’ episode, we worked alongside the lovely Rachel Khoo in our ice cream parlour to help argue the case for full fat food. Rachel is best known for her 2012 cooking series ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ where she created all sorts of delights in her tiny kitchen in Paris. We are really excited about being on the show and getting the chance to tell everyone what makes full fat food so special.

We explained that our cows produce rich, high-quality, creamy milk with a butterfat content of four per cent, which is then pasteurized with double cream. Because the milk and cream have their own natural sweetness, there is no need for vast amounts of sugar and by eating full fat you stay fuller for longer.

As we assert on the program, it is the rich, creamy milk with its high fat content that makes Caroline’s Dairy ice cream the ultimate sumptuously smooth luxury ice cream.