About Us

We launched our ice cream in 2008 with four flavours, Double Dairy which has no extra flavours added just the taste of our delicious milk and double cream, Royal Bourbon Vanilla, Fresh Strawberry which we have recently renamed as Strawberries and Cream and Belgian Chocolate.  Now we have two different menus, one for retail which includes 120ml and 500ml pots and the other for restaurants and scooping customers.  We have found so many wonderful flavours that we have limited our menus of “all year round” flavours and added “seasonal” ones which we swap in and out for summer and winter to give you something new and exciting.

Not only has our flavour range increased but so has our Team.  We are a close team and all work very hard and well together and a good sense of humour is essential when the summer season comes along.  Meet the team below.

Don’t forget to take a look at our Dairy to Delivery below!


It was her idea to start with! Now what does Caroline do – well what doesn’t she do? Whatever......read more
Chris Spiby


The Dairy Farmer – whose cows produce the best creamy milk that we use to make our delicious ice......read more


Just perfect!! Or not…? Haha! Caroline’s right hand lady and the person who helps make sure that you get......read more


It’s Jane’s friendly voice that you will hear when calling us.  Jane phones all our customers each week and......read more


Sharon is now heading the A Team in the parlour.  Sharon has a passion for food, is the most......read more


Together with Sharon we now have the A Team in the parlour.  Magda has taken to ice cream making......read more


“Stop me & buy one!” Kathy runs our events and you can see her in Ermintrude our vintage ice......read more


“Just the delivery driver” as Eric says. Underneath this quiet façade is a raging rocker! Unbeknown to many Eric......read more

Dairy To Delivery

All our ice cream is made from the milk produced on our farm.  Here is the story from the beginning:



Lovely afternoon spent in the sunshine at Caroline’s Dairy today for Open Farm Sunday. Lovely to see families thoroughly enjoying all the ice cream and the salted caramel is YUM!!
Well done for all your hard work- Lovely day and well done for organising the sunshine.