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The Team


It was her idea to start with! Now what does Caroline do – well what doesn’t she do? Whatever it is, she does have a habit of running everywhere – catch up with her if you can!
Favourite flavours – all of them! How could I just choose one?

Chris Spiby


The Dairy Farmer – whose cows produce the best creamy milk that we use to make our delicious ice cream. Chris works incredibly hard keeping all his girls in tip top condition, every one is special to him.

Favourite flavours – Toffee & Honeycomb. The freezer in the Dairy Office is home to all of our missing Toffee & Honeycomb Ice Cream!



Just perfect!! Or not…? Haha! Caroline’s right hand lady and the person who helps make sure that you get your orders each week.

Favourite flavours – Hazelnut Heaven closely followed by Salted Caramel but she still likes a Double Dairy now and then.


It’s Jane’s friendly voice that you will hear when calling us.  Jane phones all our customers each week and makes sure they received what they need, when they need it.  She also looks after our social media so now you know who is replying to your comments!

Favourite flavour – Salted Caramel without a doubt!


Sharon is now heading the A Team in the parlour.  Sharon has a passion for food, is the most wonderful cake maker and always looking for the next award-winning flavour of ice cream.

Favourite flavour – Belgian Chocolate


Together with Sharon we now have the A Team in the parlour.  Magda has taken to ice cream making like a duck to water and loves all the animals on the farm, big and small.

Favourite flavour – Bubblegum as she is forever a child and even dresses in the colour!



“Stop me & buy one!” Kathy runs our events and you can see her in Ermintrude our vintage ice cream van, Clover our more modern ice cream van or working one of our ice cream bikes at many local events throughout the summer months. Caroline’s boys are always on the lookout for Kathy when she returns from an event and appear from nowhere to see if there is any ice cream left for them.

Favourite flavour – Coconut ice cream with a scoop of Alphonso Mango Sorbet



“Just the delivery driver” as Eric says. Underneath this quiet façade is a raging rocker! Unbeknown to many Eric is an accomplished musician playing the guitar, bass and keyboards.

Favourite flavour – Coffee Espresso