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New Winter Flavours

So here we have our New Winter Flavours!

Chunky White Chocolate ice cream as featured : This is our doubly naughty ice cream with heaps of white chocolate melted into the mix then we add so many  white chocolate chunks to give you a velvety texture and indulgence in one spoonful.

Rum & Raisin : We take our raisins and soak them in Lambs Navy Rum until they are plump and succulent.  These are then gently blended into our rum ice cream which also has a little Marsala Wine to give a full bodied ice cream.

Irish Cream : It’s that time of year when the Irish Cream has to appear, that’s what we thought and here it is.  What a sumptuous combination of our heavenly ice cream and Irish Cream, rich in flavour, smooth in texture, pure unadulterated pleasure.

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